Zagreb Time Travel – The First AR & VR City Tour!

Relive the city's history, play the game, take cool photos and get discounts.


Fun & Educational City Tour

Sightseeing has never been so much fun! Learn about Zagreb through experience.


Making History Alive!

Relive the most memorable moments at must see historical places in Zagreb and with its famous virtual characters.

Historical Characters


All locations have memorable stories told by famous persons from Zagreb history. Let’s take a sneak peek into just some of them.

What’s included

AR and VR technology

1 Tablet for 1-3 person

Route duration: 1.5 hours

Route area: Zagreb city centre

Price: 29 euros

Renting location: Radićeva 15

Working hours: Mon-Fri: 12 am-8 pm, Sat: 9 am-2 pm

No internet needed, GPS locator

Discounts for best places in the city

Your photos with Zagreb motives

Quiz and fun tasks

Fun facts

Enjoy up to 2 hours of quality time with friends or family

Experience a tour combines the real and virtual world

Be part of an outdoor adventure and explore the city in a unique way

Play fun games, meet locals, make creative photos and memories in Zagreb

Start your adventure!

Book your tour by email on or by phone +385 98 48 55 60

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How It Works?


Zagreb Time Travel is a creative tour of Zagreb that lets you travel back in time by using tablet and new technologies. You rent a tablet and it becomes your time machine. The tour will guide you through must see places in Zagreb city centre. You will learn interesting facts, play games, meet historical characters, make cool selfies and create unforgettable memories in Zagreb. Enjoy your stay. 🙂

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Company details


Dare2dream d.o.o.
Zlatka Šulentića 8, Zagreb
OIB: 02901461064
Tel: +38598485560


Tablet rental location


Radićeva 15, Zagreb

Please be shore to book you tour before coming to above address.
Previous announcement for tablet renting is mandatory.